Hello Family & Friends,

This website is about getting to know our extended family. Our close relatives, and historical figures from our families past eras. I for one, feel I’ve missed out on having contact with relatives that I feel I should know of, or at least know much better.

Most of this information has been mostly compiled by “Matey” Lavender, with additions from others. I have put it up here so that it can hopefully be even more available.

It was originally intended to make this website easily accessible, but realized there could be security concerns in these days of identity theft and fraud. To that end I have made some information publicly available, but most is by log in only. To obtain a login please contact me directly by email at: craig@lavenders.ws.

Matey has compiled a lot of information; and rather than delaying, I have put up what I have converted so far, and will continue to transfer as time allows. This will mean some of the information will be incomplete and appear missing even though it may be referred to. Eventually, I will have all of Matey’s information transferred, and start adding any new details that are discovered.